Improving online merchant store experiences


I worked with Paytm as a product designer between 2019 & 2020 on their native apps which have over 30 million active users. One of Paytm's main business vertical was merchant experience & live events, which I was a part of. The outcome was:

High adoption by brick & mortar store owners into online stores

30% increase in revenue for online stores

Over 15,000 daily active users for Paytm chat

My Contribution

Interface design

UX design

The Team

2 × Product designers

1 × Product manager

3 × Engineers



As quick commerce became extremely convenient to customers, they stopped going to the nearby brick and mortar stores and they suffered a noticeable revenue drop

While the traditional model of quick commerce worked on “dark stores”, Paytm identified this as an opportunity to convert brick & mortar stores into online shops

Shop owners were hesitant to use complicated software – but comfortable with chat applications.

Speaking with the store owners, we learned their biggest hurdle was using the complicated software for online store management. After studying their behaviour using their phones, we noticed how comfortable they were using chat applications like whatsapp & telegram.

The idea was to replicate the experience of using a chat application as an online store

Customers could directly talk to store owners (and even negotiate), make payments and place their orders.

What started as a feature to onboard shop owners, turned into a fully featured chat app

Customers could directly talk to store owners (and even negotiate), make payments and place their orders.

User onboarding was done through the payment success page

Since Paytm is a payments app first, a successful payment led the user to the new chat screen with the payee, and a successful payment meant the users were more likely to use the chat feature.

The chatroom helped us leverage more usecases – sports & live events

With the large userbase on Paytm, we als implemented live chatrooms for sports and events, this created a lively experience for the audiences who were watching sports from the comfort of their homes.

What did I learn & what's next?

Working with a user base in the millions meant that creating an experience that is cohesive for all is very difficult. Although my contribution was limited to the merchant and chat interfaces, the insights I gained from user researchers working on different verticals helped in aiding the design.

The product continues to grow to this day and I'm excited to see how it evolves.